Ballyreagh Road development.

In 2019 an outline planning application was submitted for the whole of the land zoned for housing and open space between Bowtown Road and Movilla Road, that application is currently being processed.  This proposal is to develop the southern part of the area in line with the 2019 master plan. Because of Covid-19 it is not advisable to hold a traditional consultation event and we have decided to hold a virtual event on Zoom instead.  That event will take place on 15th February between 10:00am and 1:00pm and 2:00pm and 4:00pm, please email to register and reserve a place. Although we had hoped to have our virtual event on 16 December 2021 Planners asked that the design was developed further, so a more detailed design of the proposal will be made available in January. We are therefore opening the public consultation from 16 December  with updated plans being added before the 15th February.  Please look over the information on this webpage and send your comments to or fill in a feedback questionnaire. We will be updating the webpage through January as the design progresses so check back for more information from around the 21st of the month.